The Truth About Big, Black Cock... A Cuckold Must See

Many of my foreign male submissives ask me if women cuckolding their puny white husbands and boyfriends with men from other races is a uniquely American phenomena. Being a southern femdom Mistress, I actually had no clue. I know it’s common here in Georgia. In my area,  many hotwives cheat on their weak white . . . → Read More: The Truth About Big, Black Cock… A Cuckold Must See


A Survey For Cuckolds

I love sharing your real life experiences or secret fantasies on our cuckold phone sex calls. I’d love to learn more about you… so here’s some questions that might get to the heart of your desires. I know it’s hard to talk about your desires, you might feel shy without something to guide you. . . . → Read More: A Survey For Cuckolds


The Cuckold Conundrum... or When to Admit To Your Own Inferiority

Hello, there boys… it’s Thursday afternoon and I’ve spent most of the day pondering the intricate details of cuckold relationships with one of my callers. He had always wanted to be a cuckold husband and had done everything he could to sell this pretty wife on the idea. Of course his dicklet is far . . . → Read More: The Cuckold Conundrum… or When to Admit To Your Own Inferiority


Big, Black Cock Cuckolds Phone Sex, Yummy....

While I’m not exactly a size queen, I’ve always had the occasional yearning for the dark meat. When my boyfriend came home telling me all about his new supervisor I noticed he seemed a bit intimidated. I put this down to the new boss being younger, better educated and better built… I never dreamed . . . → Read More: Big, Black Cock Cuckolds Phone Sex, Yummy


Affectionate Contempt: The Life of a Cuckold Husband

Do you notice the special way a hotwife will look at and touches her cuckold husband? I do. A woman who is sexually satisfied by others will tend to treat her submissive husband with an affectionate contempt. I’ve talked about that before. The affectionate contempt stems from knowing each and every one of her . . . → Read More: Affectionate Contempt: The Life of a Cuckold Husband


Cocksucker Training Phone Sex

I talk to little sissy fags all the time who want so very much to suck cock, but feel they haven’t the skill to satisfy. My solution is a course in cocksucker training. It’s easy really, it doesn’t take a living, throbbing cock to kill your gag reflex or learn all the whore’s tricks . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Training Phone Sex


Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex

I talk to many cuckold husbands in the course of my days. I do so love it when they admit how much they adore watching their wives with superior men. While a small majority enjoy a normal sex life with their wives and watch for the excitement factor, a larger number also enjoy small . . . → Read More: Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex


Small Penis Humiliation with Micropenis Boy

Yeah, I know I write about him alot, but I swear he’s got the smallest chicklet dick I’ve ever had the misfortune to see. While I do so enjoy mocking his minuscule member, it still shocks me that he’s REALLY that small. Small penis humiliation comes in many shapes and sizes, the sizes ranging . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation with Micropenis Boy


Forced Bi Phone Sex Cuckold Visits Gloryhole

One of my favorite callers… let’s call him Alan, not his real name of course, is not only a interracial cuckold husband, he’s also been forced to service her big black lovers. I asked him once how he felt about being emasculated so thoroughly by his wife and her lovers. He replied he quite . . . → Read More: Forced Bi Phone Sex Cuckold Visits Gloryhole


Femdom Fetish Phone Sex

I’ve been feeling more dominant than usual this week. Translation: Many have suffered, few have came and even more have faced their forced bi fantasies head on. I’ve also laughed my cute little ass of at wankers, spankers, pindicks and cuckolds. All in all, I’ve quite enjoyed this week in phone sex as my . . . → Read More: Femdom Fetish Phone Sex