New Audios, Cockteasing and Win Free Minutes with Me!

Available for worship 10am til Midnight

In an effort to drive all you stroker boys crazy here’s a new pic featuring my famous floral fishnets. In addition, I’ve just recorded several new erotic audios for your listening pleasure. I recommend getting your lube ready before you listen… but don’t finish without me!

Cum . . . → Read More: New Audios, Cockteasing and Win Free Minutes with Me!


New Phone Sex Assignments for Your Masturbation Pleasure

Here’s some more fun phone sex assignments from your favorite femdom Mistress. Do them alone… or give me a call when you try them out. I always enjoy helping my stroker sluts reach their maximum masturbation potential, lol.

Fucking the Couch Pussy

Cockteasing You

Cuckolding You

And don’t think for one second I’ve . . . → Read More: New Phone Sex Assignments for Your Masturbation Pleasure


Mistress Voyeur... Let Me Watch You Stroke It

Yes, I can be a very stern and demanding femdom Mistress. But it’s not always about dominating males, sometimes it’s about watching and guiding their masturbation. Guided masturbation is a very erotic experience for a voyeur like me. I enjoy the sensuality of watching you perform such an intimate act. I adore knowing I’m . . . → Read More: Mistress Voyeur… Let Me Watch You Stroke It


The Orgasmic Denial of W... with Inevitable Release

Hello to all you compulsive masturbators… just going to share a bit today. You all know how much I enjoy tease and denial phone sex, so finding W was such treat! W is such a good little boy toy, always obedient and respectful, never questioning my plans or why I’m denying him. W knows . . . → Read More: The Orgasmic Denial of W, with Inevitable Release


Cockteased and Denied Phone Sex

Of course I’ll let you take me out. But don’t that thinks I owe you anything. See, I know my worth. I’m very picky about who I allow in my bed… and we both know that a woman like me is sooo out of your league. But aren’t you just happy I’m spending time . . . → Read More: Cockteased and Denied Phone Sex


Cocktease & Orgasm Control Phone Sex

I have a very good friend who is infamous for being an extreme cocktease. It’s not that she won’t put out, she will… just not to men who are desperate enough to try to buy her. I often watch in awe as she manipulates these horny men right where she wants them. They gamble . . . → Read More: Cocktease & Orgasm Control Phone Sex


Tease & Denial Phone Sex

So what’s the appeal of orgasm control? Some believe the release of such vital fluids interrupts the creativity and life force of the male gender. With each orgasm, the male of the species loses some vital spark that could be channeled for something higher, something greater… but we both know you desire to cum… . . . → Read More: Tease & Denial Phone Sex


New Fem Dom Phone Sex Assignments

You lucky little strokers get a trifecta of fem dom phone sex assignments tonight from your lovely southern sadist. Yeah, I was saving them up for a full frontal assault on your libido. You’ve been getting soft, weak and satisfying yourself far too much without penalty or price. That’s about to change.

I have . . . → Read More: New Fem Dom Phone Sex Assignments


Guided Masturbation, CBT & Extended Orgasm Denial

Do you ever feel empty after you masturbate? I don’t mean your balls, of course your spooge is missing. I’m talking about something else entirely. It’s not a physical ache, but an emotional one. After you’ve come you start to feel it, depression, desperation, hunger for something more than a solitary session with Rosy . . . → Read More: Guided Masturbation, CBT & Extended Orgasm Denial


Dominatrix Lauren's Newest Cocktease & Humiliation Assignments

Your divine dominatrix forgot to post these for my perverted pipe pounders… I’m sure you’ll appreciate the special brand of humiliation that I bring to the table, else you wouldn’t be so eager, so excited to follow my instructions to most specific detail… so here goes.

My Humiliation Bootcamp assignment encourages you to . . . → Read More: Dominatrix Lauren’s Newest Cocktease & Humiliation Assignments