Cuckold Talk, Turning Your Wife into a Hotwife

cuckold mistress,cuckold phone sex,cuckold lifestyleMany of you cuckold wannabes ask me how you entice into becoming the hotwife of your dreams. I always answer with… by talking with her honestly. Unless she’s a complete tramp, she won’t want to break your heart. She’ll think it’s a spur of the moment erotic fantasy that will end up destroying your relationship. Only by honest, open communication can you convince your good girl wifey to enter into the cuckold lifestyle.

The cuckold lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If your relationship is on shaky ground to begin with, cuckolding won’t help. While you might feel her sexual satisfaction is paramount, she may have other ideas. The biggest obstacle most couples have is in communication. Sharing your fantasies with her is one thing, but cuckolding requires action, not mental masturbation. Before you can act, however, you must make sure it’s what both of you want. Pushing her into the arms of another man without mentally preparing her for it could damage your marriage┬áirrevocably.

Here are some things the two of you must lay bare before going any further than fantasy sharing.

1. What are your reasons for considering a cuckold lifestyle?
2. Why do you feel the cuckold lifestyle will enhance your relationship?
3. What boundaries would you and your wife set for your cuckold experiences?
4. What are your expectations and hers during the cuckolding session?
5. What are your expectations and hers when the session ends?
6. Share your fantasy and any she may have in an open, honest manner.

Entering into the cuckold lifestyle can often make or break a relationship. Think very carefully… is it worth losing her to fuel your fetish or is it worth the risk? If you’d like to talk about your cuckold fantasies, concerns or experiences, I’m always happy to give you input and an experienced cuckoldress’s point of view. Feel free to call me and discuss your deepest desires. I’m always happy to help you little cuckies and cuckie wannabes out! Call tonight for your very own cuckold phone sex session.

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  • Ms Anns steph

    Curtsey Ms Lauren,Wanted to thank you for participating in the Auction on May 1st…..hope to see you there

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