Cocksucker Training Series: The Fine Art of Forced Bi Fellatio (Prolouge)

Now obviously, if you’re reading this, you are a worshiper of the divine phallus. Who can blame you? You’re in good company. Throughout written history and folklore, male on male love is quite commonplace. These symbols of manliness, masculinity have always tempted the tepid, less endowed, or just plain sissy sluts who obviously understand their obvious shortcomings. In antiquity, many forms of paganism embraced the idea of no shame in homo-erotic relationships. While the “love that dare not speak it’s name” of the prudish Victorians has gained more than a foothold in modern society, gay or bisexual love still hasn’t the casual acceptance of days gone by. And even so, bisexuality and homosexuality should not immediately produce a knee jerk assumption that the cocksucker is effeminate or sissy. Many a masculine man has knelt before another and indulged himself in fellating the phallus before him. Indeed, there’s no shame at all in the love between males.

I know it sounds odd to see a fem dom Mistress extolling the virtues of homosexuality, but the truth is, men together are just plain hawt. I don’t think males realized that this is as much a female fantasy as their cookie cutter lesbian fantasy. Of course men want to see women together, so is it any wonder that females would enjoy a bit of turnabout? The majority of creators of fan fiction and watchers of Japanese Yaoi and sales of homo-erotic pornography are women. While Playgirl was mere jerk off material for timid boys, women prefer something a bit more stiff, lol, hardcore and hardness of cock.

Me? Well, I’m no fag hag, but there are certain forced bi humiliation fantasies that push my buttons. I embrace that part of me, own it. I love the fantasy of having complete control of a dirty little cocksucking faggot… so much control I have but to snap my fingers and he’s got dirty knees and a mouthful of spunk. Another thing I enjoy watching is boys on sticky floors sucking anonymous cock through a gloryhole. There’s something so seedy and disgusting about it, so degrading and humiliating. Another guilty forced bi fantasy of mine for my submissives is prison bitch.

Well, with this background in mind, I’ll be writing an encouragement series for the potential cocksuckers out there with audios to go along, tempting and teasing you to become exactly what you long to be. Stay tuned for more of Cocksucker Training Series and in the meantime, call me at 1-800-601-6975.

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1 comment to Cocksucker Training Series: The Fine Art of Coerced Bi Fellatio (Prologue)

  • joey

    I understand my shortcomings as a white male with a very very tiny penis ( 1/4 inch soft, 2 inches hard) I understand I can never please a woman. So I worship cock. I LOVE COCK!!!!!

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