Forced Bi Humiliation with Sissy Fag Dickie

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with my most favorite sissy fag, Dickie. Dickie loves forced bi humiliation though it’s arguable if it’s forced at all. Why? Left to his own devices, Dickie would visit glory holes and adult bookstores with regularity. He’d be chaste for several weeks. Every now and then he goes through this thing where he denies his inner sissy slut. It never lasts. He always goes right back to his old habits… dressing up like a dirty little whore and driving all the men crazy. When he visits his haunts in the city, it’s safe to say he takes load after load. Poor little slut gets so horny he can’t help himself.

He told me of his day in the city yesterday. He went downtown in his sweats and changed in the men’s room into his booty shorts and tank top. I’m sure he looked like a sweet little hustler. Hell, I told him he needed a lollipop to make his girlishness even more apparent. He didn’t have to wait long for a mouthful though, he told me he sucked off 5 guys in the space of 3 hours… he even let a couple of them have his black cherry! Dickie is suck a nasty little fag whore it makes me smile with pleasure.

Today, he wore a cute little pink minidress with a cute matching bra and panty set from Victoria’s Secret. He really should have been a girl. He’s slender and feminine… so pretty. I’d love to make him the victim of complete forced feminization so we could grow his breasts very large! I am glad he’s moved away from his mom’s house. He used to be so afraid mommy would catch him playing dress up games. She did a few times, but face it, if you’re living with a sissy fag like Dickie, you’re going to know he should have been a girl… and treat him accordingly. The fact is, Dickie is much happier when he’s treated like a dirty girl.

How many of you girlies out there wish you could release your feminine side 24/7? Give me a call at 1-800-601-6975 and let’s talk about it.

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4 comments to Forced Bi Humiliation with Sissy Fag Dickie

  • BlondeAngela

    Lovely how you want to make him into a beautiful feminine ladyboy who pleases handsome, masculine men.

  • Rich

    i am a sissy cocksucking cum swallowing faggot

  • phyll

    I’m a fuckin queer sissy faggot and I think the world needs more people like me. I’m not into violence, I’m not into pain. I like being in bed with friendly, sexy males.
    Peace and sex for all.

  • sweet sissypussy

    I am a sissy bitch cum slut that loves being outed in public and forced to parade naked in collar and leash at parties and forced to suck all the cock there. My biggest dream is to be placed in stocks, on my knees stark ass naked, my boy pussy lubed and fully exposed, at a bikers convention and have them fuck my face and tushy pussy for days while filming it and putting it on the internet for the world to see. I am a cum slut and want all the cock I can get my lips around. There is no such thing as too much cum. Yummmmmy

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