Forced Bi Humiliation & Cocksucker Training Assignment

This post is just for the filthy little forced bi faggots who dream of a rock hard throbbing cock in their mouths. You know who you are. If you’re at the gym, you’re surreptitiously staring at all the real men. Most of you have dinky dicks as well so while you’re ogling the studs, you’re attempting to hide your shame behind whatever you can.

I find it truly ironic that you even think you can hide it. Trust me, those alpha males you’re lusting over know exactly what’s on your mind. Why do you think they smirk at you? It’s not JUST that you’re weak… that’s a given. It’s not even that your girlfriend or wife gives them the same look you do, who can blame her. It’s not even your clit dick, though you’re not fooling anyone. It’s all of the above and then some. You stink of weakness, frustration and your own semen from your constant chronic masturbation. It’s so obvious, you can’t fool them and you definitely can’t fool me.

In honor of your awakening to the world of not so forced faggotry, this forced bi mistress gives you another fun humiliation assignment. I’m sure one of the reasons you’ve never went to a glory hole to worship phallus the way you desire is your total lack of skill at fellatio. So I’m going to help you out, sissy fag. I’m going to teach you exactly how to suck cock.

You’ll feel like a professional when you complete a week or so of my cocksucker training. You’ll have the confidence and skill to suck the largest cocks you desire. You’ll learn how to tease and please the superior males you’ll encounter in your new era of glory hole faggotry. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it the first time you get a taste of huge black cock.

And while you’re practicing your new found skills, perhaps your significant other can finally scratch her itch for cock as well. Maybe she’ll cuckold you with a superior male. Why should you get to have all the fun? I’m sure she’ll bring a creampie home for your greedy little tongue. She knows what a cum dumpster you are and so does the rest of the universe, sissy fag. Relax and enjoy the forced bi humiliation, the cocksucker training, the cuckolding AND the cream pie with a side order of small cock humiliation.

Ms Lauren ~ Femdom Mistress

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3 comments to Coerced Bi Humiliation & Cocksucker Training Assignment

  • lil pp

    Loved the assignment!!! we need to chat some more.

  • mike aka michelle

    how i wish my girlfriend would make me suck he lovers cock

  • randy

    i am now a cock/slut for my wife she makes me suck all the time somtimes it will be one of her lovers or maybe a stranger she tells me i need to suck cock so i dont forget what a sissy/slut i am she said she ows my training to ladies like you.

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