Cock Sucking For Grades Part IV: Rainy Day Tales 2

I know, I know! You want to know what Tyler has up his sleeve, right? Well So did I! Patience is key ūüėȬ†Just like learning to suck a big cock¬†! SO without further adieu, here is Cock Sucking for grades part 4.

Squeezing out the truth

Tyler stood at the door for a moment longer, he looked like he was debating leaving anyways until Ashley spoke up again. “It’s really a shame Ty, I thought we were friends! And obviously Hope is you friend as well. So why the long face? I know she’s pretty curious about what you’ve been hiding by now.” “Ashley.. ” He began again, sounding a little more calm, but still looking extremely nervous about something. “Come ON Tyler. Stop being a baby, come sit down.” To my surprised he obeyed, albeit slowly and rather unenthusiastic in fashion. Ashley’s control and domination¬†type¬†personality was showing so much it was shocking. “So.. ” She went on, glaring at him. “How is old McCluer, you still keep in touch with him, Ty?” Tyler shifted in his seat and kept his eyes on the ground. “N-no, Well he emails me sometimes.. but it’s just CASUAL CONVERSATION.” He said those last two words very deliberately. “Why are you keeping in touch with your old professor? I asked him quizzically. “Most people can’t wait to see the last of their old lecturer. Especially those as infamous as McCluer.” Instead of answering me right away he just sort of shrugged. Ashley started giggling again forcing him to look back at her pleadingly. But it was no use, with a whip of her hair she stared him right in the eye and cackled “I’d keep in touch with him too if he sucked MY cock that well.”

A reluctant admittance: Tyler the Cock Sucker

I was actually taken aback by the exclamation Ashley just made. Was she joking? Then I looked over at Tyler and I knew she wasn’t. He was pale before and now he was all but transparent. He never looked more like a cock sucking slut than he did at that moment. “No.. What? Are you serious?” I said choking back laughter. Ashley just sat there tapping her foot, and staring at Tyler waiting for a response. He looked at me, his color returning a little. “I.. I… I didn’t have a choice. If I flunked out my parents would cut off my allowance.” Wow! This was turning out to be a much more fun evening than I’d initially anticipated. “So then.. You sucked your professors cock for a better grade? I didn’t think you were gay..” “I’m NOT gay, I just really needed the grade okay?” He was turning red again. “I’m not attracted to men.” “Right, ” Ashley piped in again. “You’re just a cocksucker.” He flinched at the word, and I drew my hand to my mouth to hold back a laugh I felt building up. “I’m not..” “But you are!! You sucked his cock, that makes you a cock sucker. Doesn’t it? I mean it doesn’t get much more literal than that.” Tyler said nothing, I guess he couldn’t believe he was being outed like this over something he wanted to keep private! I figured it was time to put in my two cents, as he was stating to get restless again. “Come on Ty, you may as well admit it, I mean it’s obvious it’s true. Just look at how you’re reacting.” He stared at me in awe. I suppose he wasn’t expecting me to go along with Ashley. We were going to get him to confess his cock sucking deed, one way or another!

..To be continued


Cock Sucking For Grades Part III: Rainy Day Tales 2

Part 3, and what happens from here? Someone’s been cock sucking, and Ashley seems as if she’s about ready to blow his cover (pun not intended). He’d soon find out that nothing stays secret forever, especially when there’s a would be femdom there to interrogate you.

Trapped by A domme princess

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Me smiling at your misery

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Cocksucking For Grades Part II: Secrets revealed- Rainy Day Tales 2

As we delve deeper into our story, why don’t you tell me what your idea of a true Cock Sucker? ¬†Does he have to be gay? Is he Always so Secretive? do read on about this cock sucking secret and tell me more!

To Catch a Secret Cock Sucker

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Rainy Day Tales 2: Cock Sucking For Grades Part I

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