Masturbation Confessional

SexyMe10The tale of a two pump chump

I love exposing My little stroke drones secrets now and again. Here is a wonderful masturbation confession of one of My favorite callers. Enjoy! If you have any  confessions you’d like to share with Me that I can post on My blog  please feel free to email Me at, can’t wait to hear them!

A true story that several of the LDW ladies know about me.  I’ve had the pleasure of retelling it with Molly and also Jenna now.I am infatuated with a co-worker of mine name Michelle.  She is incredibly sexy and beautiful.  She would occasionally work out at a gym near my house with a neighbor of mine, and one day when she was running late she changed at my house before hitting the gym.  Once she was gone I poked my head into my bedroom and saw a plastic bag with her work clothes in them.  Curiosity got the best of mine; I just wanted to see if her panties might be on the edge of the bag where I could look through and see them.

Stealing her panties

I could see something black near the bottom of the bag, could they be sexy Michelle’s sweet panties?  Or just socks.  OMG!  I became rock hard just thinking about it.  Surely she still had her panties on, right?  But maybe she left them here, and it was driving me insane.  I had to reach in the bag and just feel them, that way I could see if they were just socks, or silky smooth panties. I carefully reached in, trying not to disturb anything, exciting just to run my fingers over them.  But instead I pulled them right out of the bag.  OMG!  A wave of excitement washes over me; on one hand I’m sure to get caught, she will notice that the bag was opened, but on the other hand, I had Michelle’s panties in my hand.

To sniff her panties or to jerk off….that is the question?

I completely aroused but torn; do I smell them first or start jerking off.  I give them a quick sniff (heaven!) and then set them down on the corner of the bed.  I ripped off my pants and knelt down, jerking off and smelling her sweet delicious panties. I only got a pump and a half in before if spewed my load all over the floor.  Molly and Jenna have been making fun of me for this for years, and they always ask if I have ‘acquired” another pair.  My dream is to steal her panties again and do a phone session with Molly or Jenna.
I doubt I would even last one pump.
Author : LDW’s Beloved Two Pump Chump


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Fem dom Face sitting

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I Love Having My Toes Kissed

Foot worship is divine

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Tickling : A Seemingly Innocuous form of Domination

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Odaxelagnia: The Beauty of Being Bitten

Good to the last bite

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Well Hello There Boys

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A Look

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