Rainy Day Tales I- V.I.S. II, Humiliation Princess

Hello Again! Looking for the end of my embarrassingly erotic story are you?  After your read, I want you to tell me who you empathize with the most; Don, for being the target of humiliation and embarrassed in public, in front of all his friends, and all the beautiful women who were in the lounge, or me, for having to deal with his pathetic nonsense all night long? I’m excited to find out ;) Enjoy.

A Hard Head Makes For A Soft Behind

There he stood, still as stone, smack dab in the middle of a moderately crowded room. A lot of the fuckery that was happening only moments before had completely stopped, at least half the room had their eyes on Don, searching for some type of reaction, some kind of emotion! Yet, there was nothing. “I.. I’m sorry,” He began muttering, almost inaudibly.  “What was that?” I giggled, my soft pleasant voice tarnished by the alcohol so that I was slurring slighty, though it probably only made me sound even more of a mean mistress than I was beginning to feel. “Pathetic. What happened to all that macho garbage you were spewing at me a minute ago?” I shifted in my seat to get more comfortable, crossing my legs slowly and deliberately as I leaned forward to further gauge his reaction. As I was doing such, he had the audacity to sneak a peek at my panties! What a pervert. He immediately realized his mistake when he saw my frown. “I’m Sorry!” He began again, more loudly this time. He was shifting uncomfortably, and by Now 3/4 of the room had to be watching us. Even some of the bouncers were casting their questioning gazes over at us, though none of them moved from where they were standing.  “Can you tone it down please? People are watching.. It’s embarrassing being scolded like this..”  “Ha Ha Ha! You think this is embarrassing?” I chuckled tauntingly in his face, “Honey, I haven’t even warmed up yet. By the end of the night you’ll know the true meaning of the word ‘humiliation'”.

Subby Learns to Laugh Now,  and Cry Later

He wasn’t as rigid now, oh no. I could see him trembling in excitement as he processed my last statement. My lips curled into a curt grin as I relished in his uneasiness. “Sit down.” I said simply. He hesitated, then began to make a move for the couch. “No, not over here with me you loser, sit down where you’re at.” I watched him cock his head slightly, confused. He looked like one of those dogs that had just heard something  he’d  never heard before. “On the- ” “Sit Down.” I repeated more softly. My words were dripping with annoyance and icy cold amusement; he must have picked up on it because he wasted no more time. He looked around awkwardly and lowered himself gingerly to the ground.. Just for the room to erupt into laughter. I tried to keep my composure but a giggle escaped my lips as well, but when I caught him trying to join in on the fun, I quickly regained my composure. “Glad you think this is funny. You’re disgusting and I feel like everyone in this room should know it.” This night was probably becoming more exciting and humiliating for him than he realized.

Don Gets His Just Desserts; Humiliation Á La Mode

Sitting there on the floor with his knees slightly bent, palms on the floor, I realized a little too late that he was exactly eye level with my knees.. Which weren’t doing a very good job at hiding my lacy black panties. More than once I caught his eyes darting from my face down to my “knees.” Anger flashed over me, and before my brain could even pretend to comprehend what I was doing I felt myself hiking up my dress a little, and rolling those panties right down my thighs. I heard a couple of gasps from my girlfriends who had been watching in disbelief near some respectable men they’d found before the chaos began. I smiled at them as the black panties dropped around my feet, I stepped out of them surprisingly gracefully, making sure they did not catch on my heels. I then proceeded to ball them up, and throw them roughly at his face. More laughter exploded from our growing audience as he jumped back in shock at the soft blow of my gently used panties, and he lay flat on his back for a couple of moments with them still crumpled on top of his face, which was burning an almost cartoonish shade of red in his embarrassment. I witnessed his cock jump underneath his pants in those few moments. He WAS getting turned on by being ridiculed in public! Humiliated my ass. Oh you’re definitely in for it now.. I thought to myself as I got to my feet. I was going to go and pull his face up my dress,and make him smell and taste me; alas, I never got the chance.  One of the bouncers was afraid things might be getting too out of hand, so he had Don stand up and had us go our separate ways, so the rest of the night was pretty typical, lots of dancing and flirting.. But you know what? I never got my panties back..

There it is folks :) I hope you enjoyed the read.. See you next time!



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