Cum Closer: Intense Edging with Goddess Hope

I adore talking about my favorite types of calls, one of which is edging. There is just something about having total control over a mans cock that I just find incredibly and inexplicably arousing and addicting. The only thing that really gets me about these types of calls is this: some of you strokers have absolutely NO confidence in your longevity! I know what you’re saying; “Oh Miss Hope, I can’t last more than 12 minutes listening to your sweet voice!” Haha. But believe me, you can, And I’m gonna help you figure out how.

My Orgasms Vs. Yours

If you’ve ever stroked and have come close to cumming, you pretty much know what it feels like to be right on the edge. Unfortunately for men (like you), that peak quickly turns into a climax, and then rapidly starts decreasing in pleasure as you ejaculate. Women, (like me ūüėČ ) are known notoriously for having very long, exquisite orgasms when you hit juuustt the right spot. Even better, we can work ourselves up to another orgasm without having to pull away or slow down. Jealous? Don’t be! Besides, this particular post isn’t about the superiority of women. Its about finding a way around that quick little climax that’d be over with as quickly as it began.

Edging on the brink of sanity

So, what exactly do you do when you’re at the point of no return? My theory is, there is no such thing as the point of no return. If you feel like you’re about to shoot your load, your cock is twitching and your balls are tight, keep going. ¬†Just see what happens! Sure, maybe the first few times you try this you’ll cum, and that’s game over for the time being. But one day, that one last stroke won’t¬†take you over the edge. It’ll bring you closer, and you’ll be leaking like a faucet, but you won’t cum, and you’ll find just the right amount of self discipline to stroke one more time, and then another, and another, until you’re finally ready to come down, so you can start up again. The more you practice this exercise, the more you’ll start becoming more attuned to when you’ve actually reached your limit.

Coming down, so you can rev back up

So you’ve mastered riding the wave of your climax, have you? You’ve been stroking about to burst constantly for minutes upon minutes, and you actually know when you’re about to cum. Don’t just jerk your hand away, give your man meat a little squeeze, try twisting your wrist and angling your cock in different directions as you get closer to the big moment. Will yourself NOT to cum. Stroke slower and slower, relax your body. It takes practice but you’ll find what works as long as you keep trying, and soon you’ll be on your way to an AMAZING orgasm. Don’t forget, edging is not only fun for you, and your sexual partner will notice, and appreciate your efforts ;)!






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Exciting and Unexpected CFNM fun

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Sissy Philosophy

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Mistress Hope and Her Kinks

Hello there, ¬†little strokers.¬†Allow me to formally introduce myself;¬†I’m Hope, ¬†or as some of you have already begun¬†calling me, Princess, Goddess, Enchantrix, Mistress, Tease etc. ¬†Maybe we’ve had the pleasure to speak over the phone, or perhaps we’ve shared a few friendly words via ¬†Yahoo or Skype. Maybe we haven’t spoken at . . . → Read More: Mistress Hope and Her Kinks


Welcome Ms. Hope!

Join us in welcoming Ms. Hope to the Enchantrix Empire!